Our Mission

ReachOut is a mentoring charity working with children in disadvantaged areas to raise aspirations and help them grow in character and attainment.

We improve self-confidence and develop Numeracy, Literacy and Communication skills whilst reinforcing our core values of Fairness, Self-Control, Good Judgement and Staying Power.

We do this through one-to-one mentoring with positive role models and team activities, to promote leadership, trust and responsibility.

Why Oldham

ReachOut are funded by the CEC to improve the outcomes of young people in Oldham

  • Oldham was ranked 34th out of 326 areas in England, on the 2015 Index of Multiple Deprivation, 1st being the lowest (most deprived).
  • Schools are improving overall but a quarter of state-funded secondary schools require improvement or are rated inadequate, and too many children and young people in Oldham fall behind. This trend can be seen from early years education and through primary and secondary schools, with disadvantaged pupils* often making the least progress.

Reach out target groups


ReachOut partners with schools to support disadvantaged young people reach their full potential through our one to one mentoring programme.

ReachOut are currently running 7 Mentoring projects in Oldham across 3 schools with a capacity to support 112 young people.

Schools Partnerships:

Oasis Academy Oldham   32 young people from Y8

Newman RC College  32 young people from Y8

The Co-Op Academy

Failsworth   48 young people from Y7-9

The programmes run a minimum of 28 weeks October 2017 to June 2018

Mentoring with ReachOut

ReachOut Project, Highbury Grove School, 8 Highbury Grove, London, N5 2EQ London, UK  29 Jun2017
  • A network of like-minded professionals, each group will have up to 16 from various industries and sectors.
  • Individual help and advice on how to get the most out of your mentoring relationship
  • A regular opportunity to support a young person reach their potential and overcome barriers
  • An opportunity to develop your professional development
  • A single point of contact who will support your volunteering journey once you have chosen your project
  • ReachOut mentor training & Enhance DBS Additional training (optional)
  • Exclusive invitation to ReachOut events.


ReachOut Project, Highbury Grove School, 8 Highbury Grove, London, N5 2EQ London, UK  29 Jun2017

Kash has helped massively by introducing ReachOut to schools and businesses and networks.

Notable Kash has introduced ReachOut to the following:

  • Dawn from Doing Biz For Yourself
  • Ultimate Product
  • Web Applications
  • Oldham College
  • Oldham Hulme Grammar School

We have recruited 59 mentors of 112 required in Oldham namely from the University Campus Oldham, Oldham College and a few local businesses.

Volunteering with ReachOut – particularly at The Co-Op Academy Failsworth, Oasis Academy Oldham and Newman RC College.

Mentoring with ReachOut couldn’t be easier. – https://www.reachoutuk.org/sign-up-to-mentor

FAQs can be found here – https://www.reachoutuk.org/mentoring-faqs

Contact: Davy Cheema – Volunteer and Workshop Officer

Email: davy.cheema@reachoutuk.org

Mobile: 07758162419